Scott is an outdoor adventurer and mountain athlete passionate about climbing, skiing, skydiving and speedflying. Over the last few years he has focused his energy on exploring the limits of High Altitude Speedflying. In August 2017 he became the first person to fly a speedwing of a 7000m peak.


Scott is a multi sport mountain athlete based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Originally from the USA, Scott has lived in the UK since 1999 and regularly travels the world in pursuit of his next adventure.

“I have been passionate about the outdoors my entire life. I became interested in climbing and mountaineering as a young child and since moving to Scotland in 2007, have devoted the majority of my time to mountain pursuits. In 2012 I took up skydiving which opened my eyes to the many possibilities of airsports. Two years later I bought my first speedwing and started to develop my skills in the newly emerging discipline.”

“As my speedflying progressed, it became increasingly clear to me that combining different sports would create an unforgettable mountain experience and open up new possibilities. So I began to focus my energy on climbing mountains and flying down.”

In 2017 Scott planned an expedition to Kyrgyzstan to take the ‘climb and fly’ concept to bigger mountains and higher altitudes. With his friend Euan, he spent the summer season in the Tian Shan climbing and speedflying.

“On the 6th of August I reached the summit of Khan Tengri at 7010 meters and found the weather was ideal. I flew from the top and made the first speedwing flight off a 7000m peak. The flight was fast and took just under 6 minutes to reach the glacier 3000m below. To the best of my knowledge, it’s the highest altitude anyone has ever flown a speedwing.”

Scott regularly gives talks to local groups & clubs to inspire people, promote airsports and encourage safe practice of mountain sports.



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As we reached the end of a great winter climbing season in Scotland classic gullies on the west coast were banked out with fantastic snow ice. With perfect conditions I couldn’t resist a speedy solo ascent of Crowberry Gully IV,4 on the Buachaille with a speedwing flight from the top. Total time 1hr 50min from the car to the summit, 2:20 round trip. An epic day to finish off a great winter season in Scotland!

A fantastic day out on the Ben Nevis classic Orion Face Direct (V,5) with Aaron Hodgson. After a couple of  poor winters it seems good ice climbing conditions have finally returned to the Scottish highlands… About time!

Selected shots from a photoshoot with the Tiso Test Team shot by adventure photographer Hamish Frost.

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