X-Scotia Hike & Fly – a paragliding adventure race in the Scottish mountains

This year in addition to my usual mountain adventures and flying I have been organising a hike & fly paragliding race here in Scotland. It’s been a big logistical challenge to get everything arranged, but hopefully the event will be worth it if the weather is on our side. After several months of planning, the X-Scotia Hike & Fly is set to take place this coming weekend. We are currently studying all the weather forecasts so we can finalise the event location, but so far everything looks set to go ahead!

The race itself is a hike & fly challenge for suitably skilled and qualified paraglider pilots. The objective is to tag as many peaks as possible in the selected region, on foot or in the air. The race starts at 8am Saturday and pilots have until 4pm on Sunday to tick as many summits as they can by hiking or flying, before returning to base camp. They will spend Saturday night out in the hills for the full bivy adventure experience.

During the race the competitors will be tracked using Flymaster GPS live tracking. This system will allow you to follow all the race action with live scoring. To follow the adventure check out the live tracking page on our website.

During the event you can also get the latest updates on instagram (follow @x-scotia) and on Telegram joining the channel via the QR code below. For more information about the event, how to follow along, or even get involved next year check out the X-Scotia Hike & Fly website x-scotia.co.uk

Finally a huge thank you to all our sponsors and race partners who have helped make the race possible!

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