Scott is a multi sport mountain athlete passionate about climbing, skiing, skydiving, speedflying and paragliding. Originally from the USA, Scott has lived in the UK since 1999 and is now based in Edinburgh. In addition to climbing, skiing and flying in the wild mountains of Scotland, he regularly travels the world in pursuit of his next adventure.

Since learning to fly he has been fascinated by the idea of combining airsports with technical mountaineering. The pursuit of this concept has lead him to ‘climb and fly’ off mountains around the world, including making the first speedwing flight off a 7000m peak in Kyrgyzstan. 

Since making this unforgettable flight, Scott continues to focus his energy on alpine climbing and flying. His recent projects have included alpine ascents in Patagonia, such as an attempt to climb the west face of Cerro Torre in winter and expanding his mountain flying capability through paragliding. 

Despite the many challenges involved Scott remains motivated first and foremost by adventure. With every expedition, trip or day spent in the mountains the learning process continues bringing him every closer to realising his long term vision, the ultimate climb and fly.

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